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Welcome to our new MindFree app website.

With the launch of the MindFree app we have created a site that will allow you to discover the benefits of using the MindFree app without information overload.

Every program we have ever created including, Think Slim, Think Calm, Think Quit, Think Sleep and Phobia Free are all now on this one super therapy and mediation app.

Every session we create into the future will be added to the MindFree app with regular updates.

Another great part of the MindFree app is that we have started to include Linda’s healing voice on a number of sessions. This gives you a choice of either a male energy voice or a female energy voice.

If you have a food addiction you want to stop, the MindFree app will help you do that.

If your portions are too big or you suffer from cravings, the MindFree app will help you take control of what you eat.

If you have trouble sleeping, need to stop smoking or have a phobia, the MindFree app will help you overcome those challenges.

And just so you know, the MindFree app has been created based on the feedback and requests of thousands of retreat attendees and program owners.

If you have any session suggestions, function ideas or feedback for the MindFree app we would love to hear from you.

Yours in a long, healthy and happy life.

Mark Stephens
Author, hypnotherapist and motivational coach.