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Set your Mind Free


Are you ready to lose weight?

If you have any food addictions, struggle with cravings and portions or have bad habits we can help you.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

The fact is all hypnosis is self hypnosis therefore everybody can be hypnotised.

With clinical hypnosis you learn how to harness your own mind power to work for you rather than against you.

If you can sit back, close your eyes and listen you can be hypnotised.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined competing in the World Masters Games

“I turned up at the beautiful Little Forest Health Retreat with an open mind. Mark‘s hypnosis and therapy changed everything. I was able to unload 60 years of baggage. From my heaviest of 117 kg I am now down to 59 kg.  I’m so proud of myself.  I have gone from struggling to get to my letter box to competing at the World Masters Games in Triathlon.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined competing in the World Masters Games in New Zealand. My advice, make a decision.”
Joanne Gibson (Attended a 5 Day Innermakeover Retreat and used the Think Slim programme)

“Think Slim is a major advance in the treatment of obesity. It helps you get to the inner cause of the problem. I think it’s an excellent system.” Dr Neil Peace MD Obesity Expert

Discover Jordan’s Secret to losing weight

Mark has helped thousands of people just like you. Now it’s your turn!

Hypnotherapist and bestselling author Mark Stephens has helped TV personalities, sporting stars, teenagers, and adults succeed and overcome their challenges. He can help you, too.

Think Slim helps you:

  • Control cravings and sugar addiction
  • Stop emotional eating and break bad habits
  • Feel motivated to exercise and be more active
  • Increase your self-esteem so you feel happier

Think Slim can be used in conjunction with any diet or weight loss program

Think Slim is the most complete slimming program on the planet helping you tackle the mental and emotional side to slimming. The program covers practically every problem you can imagine in relation to being overweight. You can even experience the original Hypnotic Lap Band session as you imagine you are being wheeled into an operating theatre to shrink your stomach down.

More than 200 Think Slim video and audio sessions are on the MindFree app. No program on the planet even comes close.

The best solution is:

1)      Get the MindFree app

2)      Book a retreat

3)      Get the app and book a retreat

For more information on The Think Slim program visit www.thinkslim.com.au

“Think Slim is a major advance in the treatment of obesity. It helps you get to the inner cause of the problem. I think it’s an excellent system.” Dr Neil Peace MD Obesity Expert

“Unless your mind and the way you feel about yourself is ‘right’, all of your efforts are doomed to eventually end up in self-sabotage. This is a simple, inexpensive prescription any of us can follow.” Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan MD

The MindFree app is the ultimate support tool and therapy app

Any time of day or night you now have with you your own meditation teacher, hypnotherapist and motivational coach.

With over 300 life changing audio sessions this program is changing lives. The MindFree app also includes more than 150 video sessions from the best-selling author of Think Slim, Mark Stephens.

Reviews of MindFree App from Apple Store


"Just what I was looking for"

I have chronic pain and other issues, I have found this app to be very helpful as it has not only sessions catered to pain but also many other categories like sleep, phobias/anxiety, confidence, motivation, even to quit smoking or lose weight etc

I have tried other apps in the past and nothing compares. It is worth the money as they offer help with many different areas and I have noticed over 100+ audio/videos already new and old which shows they frequently update their app. This has a good mix of hypnosis and meditation. 



"This App covers the lot"

We bought this App after attending a 2 Day Innermakeover weekend in Melbourne a couple of years ago. It is great for at home meditation & hypnosis. It has video and audio sessions so you can do as much or as little as you want. I use it after a stressful day in my recliner to at night when I need to unwind and get some sleep. Believe me it never fails to get to sleep. There are so many areas it covers. You can break bad habits and can help with depression. There is much more. Used properly and regularly with any of the issues you are targeting you will be surprised by the results. I also use it for Pain management when required. Use it and you will get the benefitson. 


"Very Impressed"

Having upgraded to this app from the Think Slim program, I have to say I’m impressed, not only is the app simple to use with many handy features like favourites and the download facilities, but there are so many more sessions available. There are quick self hypnosis sessions for a quick pain killer, and long sessions for deep sleep. And even sessions addressing the “face touching” which has become so important to avoid during the current health crisis. Looking forward to trying out many more of the sessions and getting some favourites downloaded.


"Awesome App"

This is my favourite app of all time. I use it most days and it helps to subtly shift my mindset from focusing on food and consuming unhealthy food, to making healthier choices and not being obsessed about food. I love listening to the sleep hypnosis, 12 keys combined while I’m out walking, pm sleepslim, and the motivation sessions.

I appreciate that the cost of the app for a lifetime purchase is high, but it has been worth every cent to me.

I never want to be without this app for the rest of my life - and luckily I don’t have to be!

Healthier Julie,

Increase calm, reduce stress, sleep better and feel happier.

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