Learn to stop smoking in the comfort of your own home with the MindFree apps Think Quit program.

Think Quit outlines all the motivational tools and practical techniques you’ll require to quit smoking, including how to:

  • Overcome the mental and physical challenges of quitting
  • Identify and overcome your smoking triggers
  • Avoid weight gain while quitting
  • Crush nicotine cravings instantly
  • Eliminate stress while quitting
  • Say now when offered a cigarette
  • Think of yourself as a non-smoker

Think Quit uses a combination of strategies including: self-hypnosis, meditation and acupressure points to help you be smoke free forever.

“The Think Quit programme is a miracle it is incredible”
Di McDonald
“I will never smoke again”
Pam Gill
“I now have control over something that had controlled
me for so long. Think quit is fantastic.”
Paul Clarke
“Think quit makes stopping easy.”
Susanne Martin

You can do it on the spot. Instead of having a cigarette it’s
just a flick of the switch, put the earphones in, that’s it, craving gone.

Pam Gill – Gold Coast

From medication to meditation

Read what these four Doctors have said about Mark’s hypnosis methods.

“I am still amazed every day by the results.” Dr Karen Richardson GP

 “This Is a simple, inexpensive prescription any of us can follow. I firmly believe the techniques described by Mark should be taught to all high school students." Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan MD

“I'm your client Kristalee’s GP.  She has been doing hypnosis through your app.  I'm writing in to thank you for all she's achieved in this short period since. Krystalee has started meditating and thus medicating less. I've been recommending ''Mind Free'' to other patients that could benefit.”  Dr Arti Vaid

 “Your Think Slim program is a major advance in the treatment of obesity.” Dr Neil Peace MD

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