Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the MindFree App work on my Apple device?

The MindFree App is designed to work with iOS version 8 and up.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) – How to find the version of iOS used on a device

Go to the home screen of your iOS device and click on Settings.
Click on General.
Click on About.
Note the number after Version; this is the version of iOS installed on the device.

Can I download audio and video files to a device such as an iPod or get them on a CD?

All content is now available on the app only. However, if you download a session and save to favourites, the sessions you like as you listen to them then you will only use the data once and it will use no further mobile data when you relisten to sessions.

I've got a new email address, can I update my subscription details?

Yes, we can update your subscription. Please email us with your old email address details and your new email address. We may have to change your password – we will confirm any change to your new email address.

From medication to meditation

What else is in the MindFree app?

  • Pain Control Hypnosis
  • Mindful eating meditations to help you control portions
  • Short mantra meditations to change your mindset
  • New sleep sessions for your deepest sleep ever
  • Motivation sessions to inspire you to burn the fat
  • And every new session we create into the future

Read what these four Doctors have said about Mark’s hypnosis methods.

“I am still amazed every day by the results.” Dr Karen Richardson GP

 “This Is a simple, inexpensive prescription any of us can follow. I firmly believe the techniques described by Mark should be taught to all high school students." Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan MD

“I'm your client Kristalee’s GP.  She has been doing hypnosis through your app.  I'm writing in to thank you for all she's achieved in this short period since. Krystalee has started meditating and thus medicating less. I've been recommending ''Mind Free'' to other patients that could benefit.”  Dr Arti Vaid

 “Your Think Slim program is a major advance in the treatment of obesity.” Dr Neil Peace MD

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