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MIND FREE – the breakthrough mindful self-hypnosis method by MARK STEPHENS

“Mark Stephens has lived an extraordinary life and he’s helped thousands of people break bad habits and turn their lives around. His story is out of this world.”
Ben Fordham – Walkley Award winning journalist

This revolutionary life-manual will teach you:

  • How to live pain-free
  • How to sleep 8 hours a night
  • The secret to losing excess weight
  • To overcome your years of anxiety, stress and phobias
  • To manage negative thoughts and bad habits.

“Where Mark Stephens’ skill is concerned, this once cynical reporter is cynical no more. Over decades, I have seen him transform people’s lives. I can honestly say he has saved people’s lives. And the culmination of his lifetime’s work is now in this book to help all.”
Brady Halls –Senior Reporter – A Current Affair – Channel 9

Mark has worked with thousands of people struggling to overcome life’s biggest challenges. In this ground-breaking book he shares his proven formula of meditation and self-hypnosis – mindful self-hypnosis – developed over decades spent improving the lives of others.Mind Free includes empowering self-hypnosis scripts and meditations, key lessons, and inspiring case studies of people who have used these techniques with amazing results. You’ll discover the powerful ‘21 States’ to overcome obstacles and help you reach your full potential.

This innovative guide will help you use the power of your mind to transform your life.

“This book is wonderful. Loved every page.
Prue MacSween – television and radio personality

“ Wow! Mind Free is incredible Mark!  Your book is amazing and I have been so inspired reading all the stories of transformation. Thank-you for sharing your expertise and you can feel your care and devotion to facilitating people through every page.”
Victoria P

“Wonderful Mark. You can open any page of your book and be inspired and learn something
Cheryl K.

Get your copy now of the life-saving guide that will help you transform your life.

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From the age of eight Mark Stephens began learning meditation and yoga breathing to help control his severe asthma attacks. Mark is a Jujutsu Black Belt, tai chi teacher, meditation expert and hypnotherapist. In 1990 he was given a possible six months to live with a rapidly growing second-stage lymphoma. Mark used a wide variety of eastern healing methods and complimentary treatments combined with the best of western medicine to regain his health. He is dedicated to sharing his decades of experience to improve the lives of others.

“Read and experience the tools for yourself and incorporate them into your daily life and then re-read to further enhance your life forever more.”

“I am sent a lot of books every week but Mark Stephens’ new release book, ‘Mind Free’ spoke to me from the moment I held it in my hands.

Anxiety, weight issues, chronic pain, sleep issues and the like, are all too common in these times and Mark has pioneered cutting-edge tools which incorporate meditation, mindful self-hypnosis, mantras and mandalas to empower you to fully heal.

In fact, this incredible book was 23 years in the making and now it’s the perfect time to be birthed into the world for more people to benefit and awaken.

Mark not only includes his own personal story of recovery, he also shares transformational stories from the clients he has worked with, which will blow you away!

Read and experience the tools for yourself and incorporate them into your daily life and then re-read to further enhance your life forever more.”

Vanessa Finnigan, editor, publisher and founder of Holistic Bliss, March 2022



Be inspired by Gaytna Adorna’s interview with Mark Stephens on Southern FM Radio 88.3  March 2022


Mind Free the book

Say goodbye to negative thoughts, stress, insomnia, weight issues and more