We help you reduce stress and find your Zen

Stress can

  • Amplify pain and trigger headaches
  • Lead to insomnia and depression
  • Cause anxiety and overeating
  • Increase alcohol and drug abuse

Think Calm has been designed to help you;

  • Reduce physical stress
  • Increase mental relaxation
  • Feel calmer


You will discover the power of relaxation and learn to use your mind to transform your body.

Think Calm includes more than 50 audio and video sessions for a range of issues relating to stress.

Think Calm includes meditation, self hypnosis, Tai Chi and Yoga. These ancient healing exercises are the ideal antidote to stress, lack of energy and a wide range of health problems. Many of the slow deep breathing exercise are particularly good for reducing pain and speeding up healing.


Mark’s Chi Kung has relaxed my entire way of thinking. I now feel an inner peace. I think with more clarity and can control how I feel. I am more alive and benefit every day, it is sensational.
Tony Palumbo


"This app has everything I need to
Sleep, eat well, exercise and even quit smoking. There are so many mini sessions I can call on in a day. Love it"
BB September 2018

“Thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating this absolutely incredible App. This is so amazing and wonderful.” Jo Blankenship WA

Brilliant App
If you need assistance falling asleep, "sleep on a rainbow" or "out like a light" it sends me to sleep without fail every night. From quick 2 min pick me up motivations to an hour hypnosis session to get you focused on your goals for the day ahead.Easy to navigate and personalise with favourites and reminders.

"High Five. Thank you I just love this app. I am releasing and smashing goals in all areas of my life"  Katietux Jan 2018

Highly recommended App. ” DanRob28 April 2018

“The app is amazingly wonderful. You are a gift to the world. Thank you so much.” Anna

"For three years I could not straighten my left knee. Now my left knee is straight. No pain at all!

"The mind free app has been a real Godsend and to have all this self help in one application is amazing. No matter what time of the day or night I know that I have the comfort of listening to the mantras or being helped in getting to sleep or whatever else I may need. Thank you again." Gail

Increase calm, reduce stress, sleep better and feel happier.

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