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We are running a Pilot Study to establish how effective the ‘Stop Touching Your Face’ programme is in reducing or even completely stopping people from touching their eyes, nose or mouth.

Consultant Physician, Dr Karen Richardson, who is assisting with this pilot study said, “The ‘Stop Touching Your Face’ programme will also help with influenza, colds, gastrointestinal illness and other diseases.”

PILOT STUDY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – commences Saturday 18 April 2020
If selected to participate you will need to:
1. fill out a detailed questionnaire,
2.  before commencing, self monitor for two hours and count and record each touch of your mouth, nose and eyes separately,
3. watch and listen to the five ‘Stop Touching Your Face’ sessions for a total of approximately 50 minutes each day for seven days,
4. each day we will give you a new form online to fill in with how many times you touch your mouth, nose and eyes over a two hour period.

If you wish to participate, from home, in the Pilot Study please use this form.