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Set your mind free

increase calm – reduce stress – sleep better – lose weight


The current free trial includes the following sessions:

  • Habit Buster Program
  • Mindful Movement meditation for hands
  • Linda – Mindful Breathing
  • Mark – Increase Self Confidence
  • Your Goal
  • Affirmation weight release
  • Key 1
  • Deep Sleep phenomena
  • Feel Happy
  • Pain – Deliberate breathing
  • Heart Healing Linda
  • Out Like a light sleep session
  • Procrastination to Action
  • Massive Motivation
  • Mantra_Linda-only goodness enters my body
  • INTRO – Stop Touching Your Face
  • Demonstration Stop Touching Your Face
  • Self-Hypnosis Stop Touching Your face
  • and much more!


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The new version of the MindFree App 7 day trial allows you access to the entire program with more than 400 sessions for weight loss, sleep, stress, pain control and much more.

The free trial will grant users full access to the MindFree App.  You will then be automatically billed $12.99 AUD per month after the first month unless you unsubscribe before the trial ends.

You can of course purchase a Lifetime Subscription on this site.

When you access the MindFree App you will automatically get all new versions and regular updates with new content.

Sample screenshots from the newest version of the MindFree App only days away.