If you would like to register to be selected as a demonstration volunteer during the YOU & YOUR GOAL SEMINAR please fill in the following questionnaire.

I am looking for four people to do demonstrations with during the seminar. You will also receive extra support on top of the quick demonstration during the seminar. This may involve a mini one on one session if needed or a complimentary MindFree app if selected. As we are planning to film some of the seminar for our interstate participants you will need to be OK with being filmed as part of this.

Please only fill this in if you are 100% committed to making a change and overcoming your challenge.

I am looking for one volunteer with an issue in each of the following areas:
1) weight,
2) smoking,
3) stress,
4) stop biting nails or taking on a new hobby or skill or language.

Thank you for your interest

Mark Stephens