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Do you need to change bad habits, lose weight or reduce pain?

Our programs help you use the power of your mind to transform your life. All you have to do is sit back, close your eyes and listen. It’s that easy.

Discover four simple ways to learn how

As seen on Today October 15 2019

Mark Stephens says he “reset Tziporah’s mind” to get her on track to lose the weight

Tziporah Malkah, formerly Kate Fischer and Mark Stephens is interviewed by Today’s Georgie Gardner about how she lost 50kg using hypnotherapy by Mark Stephens and meditation at his Little Forest Retreat.
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As seen on A Current Affair October 14 2019

Tzipora Malkah undergoes her latest transformation

Tziporah Malkah, formerly Kate Fischer teams up with hypnotherapist Mark Stephens at his ‘Little Forest Retreat,’ and tackled her weight issues once and for all.
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As seen on A Current Affair May 14 2019

50kg weight loss transformation through meditation and hypnosis

Tziporah Malkah, formerly Kate Fischer lost 50kg of weight with meditation sessions and hypnotherapy by Mark Stephens and using his  MindFree App.
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As seen on TODAY May 15 2019

TODAY features Tziporah Malkah who used Mark Stephens’ hypnosis and meditation in her incredible tranformation.
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As seen on ACA Jan 1 2019

Watch ACA program featuring Mark Stephens at Free You and your Goal Seminar in Sydney, December 2018

ACA features Mark Stephens’ hypnosis and seminars in a story about keeping your New Year’s resolutions.
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As seen on Today Extra March 13 2019

“He made me do it”…

Ben Fordham has lost 10kg with the help of hypnotherapy by Mark Stephens. Ben tells his remarkable story with Mark Stephens and presenters David Campbell and Sonia Kruger on Today Extra.
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As seen on A Current Affair August 2018

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As seen on A Current Affair July 2018

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Tziporah Malkah’s

50kg weight loss transformation

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The MindFree app or one of our retreats will help you:

  • Retrain your brain to reduce pain
  • Shed excess weight with ease
  • Reduce anxiety, tension and stress

Three easy steps to beat your biggest challenges

Video Lessons

150+ Videos

You will be guided step by step to use your mind to: decrease stress, slim down, reduce pain and sleep better. The uses are endless. 150+ videos will help you transform your life.

Audio Sessions

300 meditation and hypnosis sessions

If you can push a button, close your eyes and listen you can be hypnotised and learn to meditate any time anywhere. You have more than 300 audio sessions to help you change your life.

Create your own library

Customise the MindFree app to suit your specific needs.

Customise the MindFree app to suit your specific needs. Simply find a session you like, download the session and save it to your favourites. You can then reinforce the positive messages.

Target your specific problems anytime anywhere

With hundreds of easy to learn meditation and hypnosis sessions to choose from you can learn self-hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. You’ll have your very own hypnosis guide in your pocket or bag at all times.

2 minute Mindfree app launch highlights video

“My doctor was shocked and asked me, “Kristalee what have you been doing?

I laughed and said hypnosis. At the end of the conversation she said, “it looks like Mark has been able to do what a doctor couldn’t.” I feel alive again. Your MindFree programme has set my mind free, literally.”  Kristalee Caylen

Programs you get in the MindFree App


Learn to turn the pain switch off with more than 20 self hypnosis sessions specific to pain control.


Learn to meditate the weight away. Think Slim will help you break the bad habits and reach your goal weight.


Think Sleep gently guides you step by step to calm your mind and completely relax for a deep, peaceful sleep.


In Think Calm the Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and self-hypnosis sessions will help you de-stress and feel happy.


Learn to eliminate the old triggers with the 7 Day Think Quit program and be smoke free before you know it.

Why the MindFree app

We understand how it feels to be overweight, in pain, or have sleepless nights. And when you’ve tried everything over and over again with minimal or no results it’s time for a different approach. That’s why the MindFree app is with you 24 hours a day seven days a week. For more than three decades we have helped thousands of people sleep better, reduce pain, shed the kilos, dump emotional baggage, break bad habits, increase self-esteem and overcome a wide range of life challenges. And the best part is all you have to do is, sit back, close your eyes and listen. It’s that simple.

We’re with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the comfort of your own home

MindFree provides the ultimate meditation-hypnosis-therapy app to support you to be pain-free, stress free, fat free, insomnia free, smoke free and phobia free.

What do I get?

  • More than 400 audio and video sessions
  • A lifetime  subscription for a mindset of health and happiness
  • Every Think Slim audio and video session ever published
  • Every pain contol Hypnosis session we have ever created.
  • Entire range of Think Calm, Think Sleep, Think Quit and Phobia Free audio and video sessions
  • Selected sessions now available in female voice
  • Reminder timer for drinking water, activity, meditation and posture
  • Daily mantra and daily action step to help keep you on track

One Minute Energiser video

This simple breathing exercise can be performed standing as per the video, sitting with no arm movements or even lying down. In one minute you will be energised and jumping out of your skin with a clear mind. We hope to see you at an upcoming retreat or hear about your success with the MindFree app.


Are you ready to reach your potential?

Do you genuinely want to achieve your goals in 2019? Do you need to break any bad habits or overcome procrastination? Do you suffer from stress, have a food or other addiction or have trouble sleeping?

If you have a resolution we have the solution.

Join Mark Stephens in 2019 for the  FREE YOU & YOUR GOAL Seminar.

Reviews of MindFree App from Apple Store

"Just what I was looking for"

I have chronic pain and other issues, I have found this app to be very helpful as it has not only sessions catered to pain but also many other categories like sleep, phobias/anxiety, confidence, motivation, even to quit smoking or lose weight etc

I have tried other apps in the past and nothing compares. It is worth the money as they offer help with many different areas and I have noticed over 100+ audio/videos already new and old which shows they frequently update their app. This has a good mix of hypnosis and meditation. 

Tric-ia , January 2021

"This App covers the lot"

We bought this App after attending a 2 Day Innermakeover weekend in Melbourne a couple of years ago. It is great for at home meditation & hypnosis. It has video and audio sessions so you can do as much or as little as you want. I use it after a stressful day in my recliner to at night when I need to unwind and get some sleep. Believe me it never fails to get to sleep. There are so many areas it covers. You can break bad habits and can help with depression. There is much more. Used properly and regularly with any of the issues you are targeting you will be surprised by the results. I also use it for Pain management when required. Use it and you will get the benefitson. 

Mssarah1981 , September 2018

"Very Impressed"

Having upgraded to this app from the Think Slim program, I have to say I’m impressed, not only is the app simple to use with many handy features like favourites and the download facilities, but there are so many more sessions available. There are quick self hypnosis sessions for a quick pain killer, and long sessions for deep sleep. And even sessions addressing the “face touching” which has become so important to avoid during the current health crisis. Looking forward to trying out many more of the sessions and getting some favourites downloaded.

singer8880, May 2020

"Awesome App"

This is my favourite app of all time. I use it most days and it helps to subtly shift my mindset from focusing on food and consuming unhealthy food, to making healthier choices and not being obsessed about food. I love listening to the sleep hypnosis, 12 keys combined while I’m out walking, pm sleepslim, and the motivation sessions.

I appreciate that the cost of the app for a lifetime purchase is high, but it has been worth every cent to me.

I never want to be without this app for the rest of my life - and luckily I don’t have to be!

Healthier Julie, December 2020

What else is in the MindFree app?

  • Pain Control Hypnosis
  • Mindful eating meditations to help you control portions
  • Short mantra meditations to change your mindset
  • New sleep sessions for your deepest sleep ever
  • Motivation sessions to inspire you to burn the fat
  • And every new session we create into the future

“The app is amazingly wonderful. You are a gift to the world. Thank you so much.” Anna

“For three years I could not straighten my left knee. Now my left knee is straight. No pain at all!

“The mind free app has been a real Godsend and to have all this self help in one application is amazing. No matter what time of the day or night I know that I have the comfort of listening to the mantras or being helped in getting to sleep or whatever else I may need. Thank you again.” Gail

“Thank you for turning my life around In 8 short months. 

I have lost 42kgs and still gradually losing weight.   I feel twenty years younger with so much energy to burn.” Allan Eccles



Our retreats will help you rewire your mind for success. Transform yourself with Mark’s help. All retreats include the Hypnotic Lap Band.   Click here to visit our retreat website www.innermakeover.com.au

TO BOOK A RETREAT 1300 76 00 73

What the mindfreeapp community are saying…

From Zero to Hero

“I made it! I have hit the 60 Kgs before I hit 61 years!!!! I went to the Gym and ran or swam my way to 59.9 kg. I have set myself goals along the way, one being able to do a 10 km run after 100 days. I now run 10 kms every second day. I can’t believe I’m doing these exercises. I amaze myself!!! Exercising makes me not only physically better but also mentally stronger”

– Joanne Gibson – 

My Professor is so impressed he wants to send all of his patients

“I am now 15.5 kg less than when I started 8 weeks ago. I haven’t been tempted to eat sweet or starchy food and have no cravings at all. My Professor is so impressed he wants to send all of his patients to you and doesn’t believe me that I haven’t eaten chocolate or cake or even bread and butter since I began. So thank you again Mark there is emerging from this large body a NEW ME”

– Jenny Bross – Sydney – 

I have released 39kg

I have gone from strength to strength and from my initial weigh in at 137.6kgs I have released 39 kgs. The hypnotic lapband session was fantastic and it had an immediate effect on reducing my serving sizes dramatically without any hunger. I listen to the sessions daily and it helps keep me on track. I now have a healthy and active lifestyle and am continuing to release the excess weight and reclaim my life

– Tracy Hall – 

It changed my life

“A wonderful tool I found most helpful is Mark’s pre recorded sessions. At any time, day or night I can have ‘instant’ assistance and reassurance with a session there to hand. It changed my life.”

– Kim Hutchins – 

Increase calm, reduce stress, sleep better and feel happier.

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